• Adriaan Mellegers

    Adriaan Mellegers is an Amsterdam-based graphic designer focusing on institutional, artistic and commercial commissions within the fields of art, architecture and design. With a strong editorial approach and a consistently innovative use of typography, materials and color, Adriaan’s design sensibility engages the creative and content driven objectives of all involved....
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  • David Galasse

    Work of Sao Paulo based, Portuguese-Brazilian graphic designer David Galasse . He works on an ongoing study that consists of grabbing and deconstructing ads, communication materials and brand manuals. He clarifies his work with these 3 purposes: 1. Breaking with the vices and rules set by default for art direction and...
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  • Bureau Collective

    Panatom Gallery presents Bureau Collective ‘Singing seven bridges builds circles in the water’ A glass of water stands on a subwoofer. Concentric waves are visible on the surface of the water, with no apparent cause. A quiet, moving image; an unexpected, slight touch; an inspiration in a quivering moment. Bureau...
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  • Internet 2012

    As a video for a musician from Italy Bart Traubeck and Viktor Matic dreamed up a world filled with cloth-like screens bending and waving in the wind of intercontinental data-transfer. The display as a medium dissolves into a flexible plane, readily adapting to whatever it encounters, with the single pieces...
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  • Cox & Grusenmeyer

    The amazing work of Antwerp based duo Cox & Grusenmeyer.  Ines Cox completed her master at the Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem and Lauren Grusenmeyer at The Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, with a collaboration like that the work just has to be great. Have a look for some top-notch graphic work.

  • Collection — issue 3

    Collection is a magazine that presents drawing in many forms, from contemporary art to graphic novels to graphic design. All artists themselves, the Collection team proposes neither a journalistic viewpoint nor a critic’s vision, but instead aspires to defend drawing, with no barriers between genres, by letting the actors themselves speak....
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  • Library Paper

    Library Paper is an up-to-date representation of varied design/art practices from all around the world giving readers an insight into the artists thoughts.  Library Paper is designed and curated by Catalogue and is published by Catalogue Library. The new magazine has announced its artists: [wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””] Barriobajero Côme de Bouchony Drawswords Hassan...
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  • From the archives

    Don Hudson is an amateur photographer born in 1950 in Michigan, USA. ‘From The Archives’ shows nearly fifteen years of personal archives and presents for the first time these photographs in an unique editorial project, published by FP&CF. Native of Detroit, the Motown (Motor Town), Don Hudson lived the heyday of the automobile, which Michigan was then the region of global production. From The Archives is his...
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  • Studio mw

    Studio mw is a graphic studio founded by Jeanne Moinon and Pierre-Olivier Thiriet in 2009 in Paris’ suburb. Their work is centered on printed design for public, private and institutional partners. They also perfect their « savoir-faire » through artistic collaborations and experimental researches trying to create a conceptual impression echoing to personal graphic...
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  • Jon Rafman

    Rafman’s art explores the paradoxes of modernity by mixing irony, humour, and melancholy. As an artist using digital media, his work is informed by the rich potential provided by contemporary technology in its possibility for celebrating and critiquing contemporary experience. But as an artist, whose subject is the human experience,...
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  • Zbigniew Strzebonski

    I recently stumbled upon the work of Polish designer Zbigniew Strzebonski, also known as Modestwork. A strange mix between mid-century and modernism marks his work. His ‘Loft chair’ reminds us a lot on a previous post ‘The Farmhouse chair‘, elegantly bended metal always does the trick.  

  • Knauf and Brown

    Some random work by Vancouver based design duo Knauf and Brown