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Crap is good is a young blog which writes about an emerging and constantly growing niche within all fields of design. In today's over-designed visual culture a counter-flow is appearing. With the title "Crap is good " we name a common thought and sence of aesthetics. → Read it all


Graphic #23

9 Aug, 2012

This time ‘Graphic‘ comes only in Korean, but non the less it looks and sounds great. Issue #23, entitled ‘Objects of inspiration’ invites 45 Korean graphic designers, design educators and design critics to answer the question: “What is your object of inspiration?”. Some more spreads and the cover at read...

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Deutsche Japaner

8 Aug, 2012

Fake Publications by  German design studio Deutsche & Japaner. Their fictive publishing house releases fictive book. Even tough some of them could be great in ‘real’ none of them exist in a tactile form. Lots more after the bump!


Lassnet Edition

8 Aug, 2012

Submitted by: Shruti  Chamaria The Book as a stable and recognizable object of knowledge derives its authority from the stabilization of disciplines. And if the discipline happens to be law, this authority manifests itself in predictable hues of black and grey imbibing the object with a dusty gravitas. The “Siting...

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6 Aug, 2012

Just came across a very fine graphic design agency. TwoPoints is based in Barcelona and Berlin and focusses on visual identities & editorial projects. Be sure to have a look at their website and some samples at read more.

Schermafbeelding 2012-08-06 om 12.32.54

Unibz Design Festival 2012

6 Aug, 2012

In the year that marks its 10th anniversary, the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano launches the first edition of Unibz Design Festival, that will be held on September 20/22, 2012. Unibz Design Festival will develop into a three-day event, including workshops and a final conference, free and open to design students...

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Further Four

3 Aug, 2012

Submitted by: Freddy Taylor Further Four: A New Angle Further Four is a channel created in response to a D&AD competition brief. The brief asked us to come up with a name, logo and television campaign for a new channel for channel 4. It would be specifically for the over 60′s...

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Explorations in Indexing

1 Aug, 2012

Submitted by: Amy Yalland Index, the Auckland based design studio run by Jonty Valentine and Amy Yalland, (est. July 2011) have just published their first book, ‘Explorations in Indexing’. This limited edition publication is the outcome of an open-ended exploration into the idea of indexing. Meant to function partly as a self-promotional...

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29 Jul, 2012

Submitted by: Andrew Brawl CYBERHAZE – The journal for philosophical perspectives, society and outer space exploration. This first monothematic issue is entirely dedicated to the topic of ‘reality and perception‘. The alchemical symbols for air, aquavit and gold are the forces behind the three categories of philosophy, society and outer...

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Nouvelle Noire

27 Jul, 2012

Submitted by: Anton Studer Nouvelle Noire is a type design and development studio based in Zurich, Switzerland. It is a platform for presentation and distribution of typefaces, with a design emphasis on modern techniques and technical options. With that in mind, typefaces are developed with the consciousness of type history in...

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Collectif Etc

24 Jul, 2012

The “Détour de France” is a project developed by Collectif Etc since October 2011. Inspired by the bicycle race “Tour de France”, twelve of the permanent members of the collective are cycling around the country for a full year. Departure and arrival are in Strasbourg, the city where the collective was founded...

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Flora Sway

22 Jul, 2012

Submitted by: Jake Evans Flora Sway is a collection of videos, gifs, drawings and photography inspired by the quote ‘Some stories are true that never happened’ an investigation was conduced with regards to our perceptions of domesticated nature. Looking at how we might appreciate their existence as objects of natural causes but yet...

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Schermafbeelding 2012-07-16 om 16.36.35

Muller Van Severen

20 Jul, 2012

Fien Muller (photographer) and Hannes Van Severen (artist) launch a furniture collection. Clear-cut storage boxes, tables, racks and lamps that refer to – in their pure form – the work of Donald Judd and Bauhaus, but embrace the lush adornment in their completion and combination. While both artists are inspired by the tension...

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