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Crap is good is a young blog which writes about an emerging and constantly growing niche within all fields of design. In today's over-designed visual culture a counter-flow is appearing. With the title "Crap is good" we name a common thought and sence of aesthetics. → Read it all

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2 Sep, 2012

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Adventice - Crap is good 7

Adventice 01

30 Aug, 2012

An Issue About Architecture and Nature Adventice is a publication of observations, analysis and visual essays. It is independently published and distributed twice a year. Adventice concentrates on the confrontation of different topics, highlighting the tension between conflicting subjects. Despite it being an art publication, it strives to create a dialogue between various fields. Authors...

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O Fluxo Issue #1

29 Aug, 2012

O FLUXO ISSUE#01 – Circulating Forms of Reality it’s the first publication of O Fluxo, an open and collaborative effort set up to explore the boundaries of new media technology and how they are being inserted into reality. A speculation of the online art culture opposed to its volatile forms...

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Crap is good at broken dimanche 3

The Narrative Machine at Büro BDP

28 Aug, 2012

Broken Dimanche Press have teamed up with artist Lorenzo Sandoval to reconfigure their Büro BDP with the Spaniard’s super cool ‘Narrative Machine’, an artwork that acts as raumgestaltung, bookshelves, storage and modular table and chairs. It’s a series he has already used in General Pubic in the exhibition The Rescue...

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30 days in the garden

28 Aug, 2012

From August 15th to September 15th Artist/ architect Valentina Karga will perform a one-month experiment. She will be living in her garden in Berlin ,surviving from what she has produced, while not leaving waste behind. Her personal waste will become compost for next year’s experiment. Valentina will cook her garden’s...

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Schermafbeelding 2012-09-18 om 17.27.24

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

26 Aug, 2012

The visual identity of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is undergoing a radical reconsideration by Mevis & Van Deursen. Internationally renowned as one of the most inventive and acclaimed design agencies in the Netherlands, the duo had previously created the graphic identity of the museumís Temporary Stedelijk program from 2010 to 2012. The museumís visual...

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Crap is good

Signage for Weltformat Festival

24 Aug, 2012

Submitted by: Pascal Melcer For the poster festival WELTFORMAT a Pascal Melcer developed a signage concept of using an internal competition of HSLU, in collaboration with Erich Brechbühl. The concept is using woodchip boards, as they are known by construction fences. The signs, which are used as stand or a lean-on use...

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Christopher Santoso

20 Aug, 2012

Some random work from Minneapolis based graphic designer Christopher Santoso. The above poster tells us a bit about who he is. Great self promo!


The lake smiles

17 Aug, 2012

Submitted by: Emanuel Wallimann This publication is the final thesis of Graphic Design student Emanuel Wallimann and combines collected and edited contributions about Lake Lucerne from 1300 till May 2012. Between the 193 stories, reports and image contributions consist indexical references that enable new approaches and perspectives of the lake – far...

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Alex Farrar and Harry Meadley

16 Aug, 2012

The results of a residency held at HMK { HotelMariaKapel }. Alex Farrar (one of the artists) explains me their project in an email. As you know, the residency ‘Eyes on the Prize‘ at {HotelMariaKapel} was competition themed. Harry (Meadley) had challenged me to a duel some months and early attempts...

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Schermafbeelding 2012-08-14 om 11.12.25

Wikipedia redefined

14 Aug, 2012

Wikipedia redefined is a project by creative studio New!. They have taken one of the most influential sites on the web, and have worked on a completely new wiki-experience. A very inspiring and ambitious project questioning the existing interface.


Zinkovy Arts Festival

13 Aug, 2012

On 1 September 2012 a new arts festival will be launched in Žinkovy, Czech Republic, an hour’s drive from Prague. The event will be held annually in the idyllic setting of Žinkovy’s historic castle. The festival highlights the diversity of contemporary European visual arts, showcasing work in a wide range of disciplines. Here,...

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