• The farmhouse chair

    The farmhouse chair is as sturdy as an antiquated piece of farm machinery, and as easy to relax in after 10 hours on the clock as a pair of worn out dungarees. Despite its pure geometry there is a rustic quality in this chair; the backrest is inspired by the architecture of...
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  • Split/ Fountain

    Located on Karangahape Road in Auckland, New Zealand, split/fountain (S/F) shares a street-frontage with a Laundromat, a promotional outpost of a downtown gallery, a café, and sex shops. As the title’s reference to blended ink technology suggests, S/F merges at least 3 forms of production and dissemination – art, design,...
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  • Fluor and the Biennale EXD’11

    Flúor was invited to participate in the 6th Edition of the Biennale EXD’11, wich happens in Lisbon since 1999. This year the events main concept is  “unuseful”. In this edition, that will happen between September 28 and 27 November 2011, the idea of useful or useless will be studied and...
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  • Max Ackerman

    Work from graphic designer Max Ackerman. He has a BGD from The Rhode Island School of Design and is currently living in Indonesia. More of his colorful work at read more.

  • Jackson Eaton

    ‘The third wheel’ a series by Australian photographer Jackson Eaton (the rest at read more)

  • Fantastical Investments

      Qompendium is an evolving and ever-changing platform for philosophy, art, culture and science, represented by a series of print publications: magazines, books and monographs. Furthermore, it is enriched by a gallery concept, a work shop and a fast-moving online portal. Yesterday the Fantastical Investments exhibition at Droog Amsterdam opened. The...
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  • Public Resonance

    Public Resonance is a short movie that documents a product designed by Sam Weller in collaboration with Yamaha and The Royal College of Art. The project allows a performer to directly connect and literally ‘resonate’ with an audience. By utilising the natural resonance of everyday objects, for example street furniture, existing architecture or...
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  • Etienne Gros – Les Mousses

    Les Mousses is a sculpture series by French artist Etienne Gros. Using sponge-material as medium he creates sculptures representing his main topic, the human body. The rest of this series at read more.

  • Gardening on Tempelhof

    A couple of weeks back I passed by Tempelhof  (the former airport in Berlin) and came across this wonderful project. Allmende Kontor is a Urban garden, which supplies the locals with a place to grow plants. With found and reused material the farmers ranging from 16 to 86 of age build amazing structures,...
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  • Daniel Schofield

    A selection of work by U.K. based furniture and product designer Daniel Schofield.

  • Kokoro & Moi – Print magazine cover

    Print is an American bimonthly magazine about visual culture and design. Founded in 1940 by William Edwin Rudge, Print is dedicated to showcasing the extraordinary in design on and off the page, covering commercial, social, and environmental design from every angle. Kokoro & Moi guest art directed the June 2011 issue,...
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  • Depot Basel

    Depot Basel demonstrates the relationship design has with each of us. They offer a glimpse of transnational design creativity, developing new forms of presentation and mediation, thus bringing contemporary design in all its facets to bear. Housed within a nearly 100 year old former grain elevator in Basel, Switzerland. The first...
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  • HelloMe

    HelloMe is a Berlin based design studio focused on art direction, graphic design and typography. For photographer Patrick Desbrosses they have created some wonderful graphics. Some images of the catalogue, name card, poster and visual identity at read on and his website you can check here.

  • Ulf Lundin – From Darkness

    The people that Ulf Lundin portrays in his piece “From Darkness” have been sitting by themselves for half an hour in total darkness. Meanwhile Ulf Lundin, who was in a adjoining room, pulled the trigger without seeing them. So the persons didn’t know when the flash would lighten up their...
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  • Polopgraphic

    A small selection of work from Helsinki based graphic designer Pol Solsona. More to see at read more.

  • Bedford press and Eastside projects

    James Langdon and Céline Condorelli from Eastside Projects will give an introductory talk about the Narrative Show exhibition and publication. In collaboration with Bedford Press, Eastside Projects Birmingham relocates a fragment of their current exhibition Narrative Show to the Architectural Association in London. A section of Adolf Krischanitz’s Mobile Wall...
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  • Xavier Delory

    A selection of images by Belgian photographer Xavier Delory. He’s work reminds us of a previous post about Filip Dujardin. Very common architectural structures, buildings or houses which we can all relate to become abstracted. We focus on the sculptural value rather then the function. On the other side Delory’s work makes...
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  • De Letterproeftuin

    For one week designers will work together in a self made graphic laboratory to explore and showcase the boundaries of old graphic techniques. The exhibition features both the results of there experiments as well as the designers working in their laboratory. Through this website you can peek into the laboratory...
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  • BYOB at W139

    BYOB is a series of one-night-exhibitions curated by different people around the world. The idea is simple: Find a place, invite many artists, ask them to bring their projectors. BYOB is a way of making a huge show with zero budget. It is also an exploration of the medium of projection....
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  • Heji Shin

    A selection of photo’s from Berlin based photographer Heji Shin.

  • Pipo

    Calling your font Pipo might cause some people to think there’s a certain lack of seriousness on your part. After all, the name does call to mind a clown. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, and Benoît Bodhuin’s first design for Gestalten Fonts might be playful, but the...
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  • Marie Dessuant

    Furniture from French designer Marie Dessuant.  She was awarded the Cinna-Ligne Roset design award “révélateur de talents” for the étagère de coin, which is now produced by Cinna – Ligne Roset. Currently she is a resident as product designer in Fabrica in Italy and tries to develop new ways of...
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  • Next Cabane at Design September

    Presented during the last Salone del Mobile, Next Cabane will be showing in Brussels as part of Design September from 8th to 30th September. Next Cabane is a story in the form of a foldable wooden cabin. Small, temporary spaces where we can set our boundaries, seek shelter or simply...
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  • Katja Gretzinger – ZJO

    Berlin based graphic designer Katja Gretzinger’s design for the Zurich Jazz Orchestra. The previous posters dating back till 2005 at read more, and all of her work on her website. (the image above is the 2009 edition)