Concrete Flux 流泥

Concrete Flux 流泥 is a multi-media, multi-disciplinary online journal which takes as its subject matter China’s hyper-fast emerging urban spaces, their meaning and one’s everyday experiences of them. Concrete flux believes that a new configuration of space through urbanisation will lead to a new configuration of society. Their aim, then, is to contribute to some understanding of or gain insight into what these spaces, which seem to emerge faster than our minds can log and assess, may mean.

The journal is published online and easily and freely accessible. There will also be an option to download .pdf files for each text-based entry so as to allow e-reader and printed reading.

The format of Issue One, themed Beijing, echos and amplifies the principle theme to emerge from all of the submission; that of exploration. The journal is intended to be read in no specific order. The contents collage does not correspond to page numbers or media or subject groupings. Hyperlinked excerpts of images and text offer only a glimpse of where a click will lead, and a compass image at the start of each piece will provide the option to explore up, down, right, left—or north, south, east, west, if such geographical concepts can be applied to a website and a publication. The compass points also correspond to the two central meridians which form the backbone of Beijing, ancient and new.