Ettore Sottsass

We’re all aware that the 80’s are back in fashion. Be it in a slightly different form and with a new direction, mash ups of styles and terms like ‘Future Weird’ float around in cyberspace, while internet culture allows styles to cross and breed like never before. But while looking around and searching what our next aesthetic preference would be one can’t avoid to look back once in a while. The work of Ettore Sottsass (1917 – 2007), an Italian Post-Modern designer, seems to capture many connections to contemporary culture. Poppy colors, modernist shapes and international references (many of his designs are based on  non-formal Indian architecture). If his website would have had .gif dolphins and unicorns rendered in 3d with a gold and marble background he would have been the freshest kid on the block, but probably he was too back in the 70’s.