Ken De Keyser

During the last two years De Keyser has been performing on opening nights at galleries and musea. During these performances he got into the role of a documentary filmmaker, observing the crowd, looking for tension between the exhibited work, the viewer and himself as an artist.
Herein lies the paradox that characterizes this project: The artist’s need for recognition of a scene he condoms with his artistic output. This interaction, this curious moment when eyes meet lens –  reveals the motive of both artist and spectator. De Keyser seeks recognition of his artistry in those of his presence. This results in fragments that balance between objective and subjective perceptions, between registration and authorship. Besides the basis concept – to confront the viewer with itself – this project is more than just institutional critique It is also a study of the social role of the artist, who – in this case – runs a phenomenological campaign for himself. With this campaign, De Keyser claims his space in the scene he portrays and condems his own consistently used marketing.