Muller Van Severen

Fien Muller (photographer) and Hannes Van Severen (artist) launch a furniture collection. Clear-cut storage boxes, tables, racks and lamps that refer to – in their pure form – the work of Donald Judd and Bauhaus, but embrace the lush adornment in their completion and combination.
While both artists are inspired by the tension between the known and the unknown they create furniture out of sheer necessity and function.

“Whereas design mostly finds its origin in plasticity and form, we consider material to be the source from which a piece of furniture grows. We have made a selection of different coloured marble stones that we will combine with brass and coloured polyethylene cutting boards. The colours – but also the patterns in the marble stone – give the furniture movement, some kind of gracefulness. This makes every piece of furniture unique.”

The combination of the materials, and a minimal line game in the collection refers to the splendour of art deco and the directness of modernism. This contradiction proves to be harmonious.