A book distribution agency based in Athens. Looks like they sell and distribute a lot of nice stuff!

OMMU is a distribution service based in Athens, Greece. We are dedicated to circulating and promoting books, zines and periodicals oriented towards art, design, architecture and fashion from all over the world, mainly in the territory of Greece. Our catalogue is primarily constituted of self-published items and all kinds of different projects on paper; we aim to introduce all this body of Greek and international production in selected creative spaces.
The bookshop is located in the center of Athens, showcasing the latest in self-published editions, as well as a diverse number of magazines, monographs, exhibition catalogues, artist books & zines. The planning of our space has also been a very important part of our project, as we are mainly interested in creating a place where different disciplines can blend together. The displays have been designed especially to carry and highlight all kinds of publications, while there is room for activities like book launches and open discussions. By creating a living space we attempt to connect it with everyday life practices that will increase all possibilities of creative development in Athens.
A second bookshop is located at THE BREEDER gallery, where we have created a selective display of our inventory. The new location will function as a space of presentation of contemporary publishing activity to a wider audience.