Risographia #2

Once more the Belgian ‘printlab’ Topo Copy made a two-colour series of RISO prints with 27 different artists. Risographia #2 ! Again they pulled the paper twice through their beloved RISOGRAPH (RP3700) duplicator (thats the same one we have, and last week we posted a guide on how to use it by Ponto), this time once for blue and once for green cold soy-ink. ‘No Boundaries, a theme but no restrictions’

with: Cox & Grusenmeyer, Liesbeth Feys, JesseRobot, Jos Verwer, Ephameron, Ward Zwart, Eva Mundorff, Sarah Yu zeebroek, PiracyLeague, Jan Van der Veeken, Mayken Craenen, Liesbeth De Stercke, El Neoray, Charlotte Dumortier (Pixelpanda), Stanislas Lahaut, Byram, Eva Mouton, Hank Quinlan, Mazu Prozak , Simon Laureyns, Jangojim, Emmeline Geiregat, Topo, Jens Wijnendaele, Pointdextr, Bue & Resto.

All prints are limited to 50 copies, signed, numbered & up for sale — 20€
Get them in the Topo Copy webshop → http://tiny.cc/n06aww