Victor Brangoleau – Signatures

A very nice graduation project of Victor Brangoleau. Manipulations with signatures from presidents that made the news during the year 2010-2011(N.Sarkozy, S.Berlusconi, H.Chavez, B.Obama, A.Merkel and M.Gadhaffi).  He explains us the concept:

I turned their signatures into objects by changing the size, giving a materiality and adding colors, of power became by-products (such as wooden stamps, gloves, flags, grafittis and patterns). I used them to decorate my president’s office in which I signed letters, imitating their signatures. Confronting the delicate and ultimate logo with “ubuesque” physical manipulations and intentions (toys, mobiles, colors).
This playful de-contextualisation was for me a way to evoke and mime a similar phenomena afflicting traditional symbols passing through the web culture. The web space is filter akin to dissipate moral and traditional values, thus symbols loose their authority and deep meanings to turn into obsolete but curious artifacts open for re-interpretation and manipulations

Take a look at his portfolio ass well, I’m sure we will hear more of Victor.