Young, Fresh and Relevant issue 3

Young, Fresh and Relevant is a yearly open submission journal with the aim of carving a space for writing within the visual arts. Issue 3 features texts by seventeen artists, some of which have exhibited internationally and been widely published, others who are being published here for the first time.

“The whole thing was a stomach ache she’d been vaguely aware of all day. Now she felt her spine getting hard, that flexible column with its loose joints one above the other was turning into a broomstick. Her back was stiff as a poker but no more stable than a vertical paper fold.”

An ongoing interest into translation and bilingualism has lead the editors to accept entries for this issue in both the German and English language and subsequently to the inclusion of three German language texts two of which, translated by Jen Calleja, are available in English for the first time. Designed by Thomas Korf and Sebastian Kokus, with 68 pages, and in an edition of 250, featuring artists based in five different countries, this is our most ambitious issue to date.

Benjamin Burtenshaw, Sophie Marie Hammer, Emily Ilett,Rebecca Jagoe, Becky Johnson and Christopher Piegza,Catherine Alisa JonesFranziska KabischNick KoppenhagenAndra QuitzimoucheMaru Rojas, Magdalena Schrefel, Katharina Schücke, Thea Smith, Miroslava Svolikova, Marie ToselandEllen Wilkinson

Jen Calleja and Judith Rosenthal

Thomas Korf and Sebastian Kokus

184 x 138 mm Perfect bound
Letterpress and Risograph
Edition: 250
Pages: 68
Paper: 100 g/ m Munken Lynx
YFR issue 3 is available right here for only 7 €.