An extremely dark past

‘An extremely dark past’ is a duo exhibition opening in Antwerp the  2 of march at  20:00 in the H.O.T.FOX Gallery.

Yannick Val Gesto (b.1987, Borgerhout, Belgium, lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium) his work mainly manifests itself through audiovisual installations, digital prints and drawings. Strongly inspired by the mystery of the unknown, he tries to embrace a visual uncanniness that is intriguing yet repulsive at the same time. It embodies the relationship between a pseudo-paranormal atmosphere and a weird sense of humor. A duality which partly defines the artwork’s content whilst providing a befitting aesthetic to the work and its presentation. Characterized by a decent amount of non-conformism, he charishes an exhuberant visual curiosity for ‘the strange’, which is directly translated through his compository use of (iconographic) imagery.

Lars Holdhus (b.1986, Åsmarka, Norway, lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany) artistic production enganges with social conventions and meets subcultures with a counter gesture, when rejection and refusal merge with forms of chaos and vandalism. Russian credit card sites, christmas sweaters, Disney lifestyle, Energy drinks, Whitney Houston (R.I.P.) and other products of various subcultures determining social systems of order, do not only serve him as a theoretical starting point but also as artistic tools. Video based works, installations, 3d renderings, drawings, photography and prints draw a continuous line through his whole artistic work and are building the tenor of an all-out attitude of nothing.

Check read more for the opening hours and a map to the location.

2 March: 20:00 ~ 00:00 Opening with a performance by Roman Hiele.
3 March: 20:00 ~ 00:00 Open 4 public.
4 March: 20:00 ~ 00:00 Open 4 public.

Bloemstraat 24, 2140 Antwerpen