Bedford press and Eastside projects

James Langdon and Céline Condorelli from Eastside Projects will give an introductory talk about the Narrative Show exhibition and publication.

In collaboration with Bedford Press, Eastside Projects Birmingham relocates a fragment of their current exhibition Narrative Show to the Architectural Association in London. A section of Adolf Krischanitz’s Mobile Wall System, deployed as the display structure at the exhibition in Birmingham, will travel to the AA as a remote site of Narrative Show. For a period of one week this architectural intervention, adjacent to the recently relocated AA Bookshop, will display a live and constantly changing selection of pages from the Narrative Show publication. An initially blank grid of pages will be updated regularly during the design and production of the book.

As a spatial parallel to the act of publishing, this display combines activities such as design, editing, presentation and the public production of knowledge. The site in turn mirrors and mediates the exhibition on view in Birmingham.


32 Bedford Square entrance hall

From 12.09.2011  to 16.09.2011

Mid-week viewing, Wednesday 14 September, 32 Bedford Square entrance hall 6.00–8.00