New Old Black Forrest

The past week you might have noticed it was a bit quiet here on Crap is Good. The reason for that is a project called ‘New Old Black Forrest’. During the course of one week around 20 designers, photographers, musicians  and other creatives (including myself) gathered in a local cabin in the Forrest. With no-wifi around our energy was focused on experiencing the Black Forrest and exchanging our impressions.

Those impressions will be made tangible over the next few months and exhibited in Freiburg (thats in the Black Forrest), 9-12 january



[ezcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]Maxim Abrossimow, Darmstadt, Germany

David Mendez Alonso Barcelona, Spain

Antidot Freiburg, Germany

Thomas Blankschoen  Hamburg, Germany

Sucuk und Bratwurst Italy, Turkey & Germany

Arrayo Carlos Madrid, Spain

Martin Cole Berlin, Germany

Evelyn Dragan Mainz, Germany

East Eric Colmar, France

Marcel Fleischmann Mainz, Germany

Julian Friedauer Stuttgart, Germany

Ramon Haindl Mainz, Germany

Immanuel Calvin Herchenbach Freiburg, Germany

Pieterjan Grandry (Crap is Good) Berlin, Germany

Joseph Kadow Mainz, Germany

Max Kersting, Berlin, Germany

Thomas Knab, Freiburg, Germany

Katrin Krumm Freiburg, Germany

Nicolas Pedde Lay Berlin, Germany

Soraya Lutangu Berlin, Germany

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]
Iassen Markov Stuttgart, Germany

Raphael Mathias Freiburg, Germany

Marvin Maurer Freiburg, Germany

Pietro Mazza Milan, Italy

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk Den Haag, Netherlands

Robert Pachaly Freiburg, Germany

George Popov Düsseldorf, Germany

Lydia Ramras Mainz, Germany

Jovana Reisinger Munich, Germany

Alexandra Ruppert Cologne, Germany

Mona Mahall & Asli Serbest Stuttgart, Germany

Lyudmilla Stancheva Düsseldorf, Germany

Anne Sophie Stolz Karlsruhe, Germany

Sven Herkt & Oleg Svidler Mainz, Germany

Armin Unruh Berlin, Germany

Benedikt Weishaupt Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sebastian Zangar Berlin, Germany

Roman Zayzev Freiburg, Germany

Sebastian Zimmerhackl Mainz, Germany