Dear Lulu

A while ago we wrote a post about the Post Digital Publishing Archive. A great platform that highlights experimental publishing projects.  ‘Dear Lulu’ is a great example on what we’re on about.

Dear Lulu is a test book which was researched and produced by graphic design students at Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany, during an intensive two-day workshop with London-based designer James Goggin (Practise). The book’s intention is to act as a calibration document for testing colour, pattern, format, texture and typography. Exercises in colour profile, halftoning, point size, line, geometry, skin tone, colour texture, cropping and print finishing provide useful data for other designers and self-publishers to judge the possibilities and quality of online print-on-demand — specifically, with this edition. The project was afterwards extended to other platforms, such as Blurb and MagCloud.

Created by James Goggin (Practise) with students of the faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt & Prof. Frank Philippin

You can get it here from Lulu, or check it out here on P-DPA