Elements 01

The first book published by Theophile’s Papers and designed by Alexis Jacob ; Elements 01 along with Valerian Goalec’s Module 01 presented both in the Tome III show at Artisan Social Designer. Elements, horizontal structure — 01 results from a collect of everyday objects. The subject of these photographs is individuated in order to build a series.  This assemblage subsequently takes shape in a publication.

Author: Valerian Goalec
Graphic design : Alexis Jacob
Publisher: Théophile’s Papers
Language: English / French
Riso print : Nicolas Storck
Texts : Béatrice Lortet and Valérian Goalec
Translation : Jean-François Caro

100 copies signed and numbered
included 20 with insert


Wednesday 22th of May
at Theophile’s Papers Brussels
Chaussée d’alsemberg, 292
1190 Forest