From O to B


Hitchhiking… Trusting to the stranger; a courageous trip to the unknown.  After the sad story of Pippi Bacca, hitchhiking gained a negative place in my mind till I met the blog Angles by Sébastian Dahl and had the opportunity to ask questions to the photographer about this journey.

Angles is depicting the journey of the 25 years old photographer from Oslo to Beirut, 10,000 km in almost three months! Dahl, who has been hitchhiking since 18, doesn’t couchsurf; he believes in the whiteness of the hearts and asks total strangers to host him—it should noticed that this may also lead to weird moments when one is not able to speak in English. Three girls on their way to Lund, Peter from Wien, Tomislav the retired ballet dancer who works as a web developer; the grandma in Macedonian countryside , dwellers of Cappadoccia in Nevsehir or the woman from Masirah Island are some of the characters in life that excepted Dahl.

On the 6th of December 2012, Dahl arrived in Beirut and he is still living in this breathtaking city where may lead one to talk loudly or act weirdly because of excitement. The photos shot in The Beirut Hippodrome helped him to win the first place of Leica Up&Coming 2013. For three months he will be shooting with Leica S or M. Wondering about the results with curiosity.