11 – Eleven by Jasmine Deporta

The new book by Jasmine Deporta ’11 – Eleven‘ so the title, is a introspective documentation of a journey called life and the result of a personal reflection on desires, fears and most of all identity. It is a collection of mostly unpublished photos from different series of the last 6 years, first time to be shown as a body of work and in form of a book.

The book is the outcome of over four years of work in collaboration with the French Graphic Design Studio 24/24 and the Berlin-based publisher Present Books. In this physical form of the project, the photographs are shown as ‚couples‘ – the combinations and the positioning results from playing with associations of forms, colors, composition, and content. ’11′ can be purchased HERE by supporting the currently running fundraising campaign, where you can as well find detailed information on the project and the book.