Gagarin – an interview with Wilfried Huet

Today I went to visit Wilfried Huet, editor and creator of Gagarin. For the (few) ones who don’t know Gagarin. Gagarin is a self-published  art magazine which is completely unique from all the rest. Instead of focussing on images or on artwork Gagarin publishes texts from the artist. Each edition features 8 artists from 8 different county’s. Mosts of the artist’s text are specifically written for the Magazine and have never been published before. The answers and questions at read more.

How long has Gagarin been around?

About 10 years ago the first edition came in existence. With some minor tweaks along the way, changing the printer company with almost every edition, things pretty much stayed the same. The first 11 issues used a separate paper folded around the cover, every edition had a new color and was usable as bookmark. We had to review this idea cause of its downside, every time we got our books back from lending them out to museums or book-fairs, the bookmark was gone and the paper full of greasy fingers. After this we decided to use an image, the only image you’ll find in our magazine, is on the cover.

Anny plans to incorporate images, or maybe in a ‘Gagarin special’ ?

No, the strength of the magazine lay’s in its concept. It differentiates itself from other magazines alike by its original approach and loyalty to the written texts. Our motto is ‘The artist in his own words’ and incorporating imagery would mean to abandon its unique character.


How far does the distribution reach?

We distribute to art fans all over the world. Gagarin has a steady group of subscribers and can be found in bookstores and museums all over the world. More and more we work together with museums and exhibit the archive, which Gagarin has build up over the years ,mixed with some of our artists. (ex. SMAK) These exhibitions expand our audience and are unique opportunities to present our idea.

Thanks to Wilfried Huet