Garagisme is a one of a kind magazine about car culture. It questions our relationship with individual motorized transport by bringing together different points of view and practices, contemporary artists, photographers, architects, urban planners …
The program includes photo series, profiles of innovative start-ups, portraits and interviews of artists, essays and fiction. Biannual, in English and French and distributed internationally, Garagisme takes a novel look at the car as it goes through this period of challenge and change.

148 pages – 240x320mm – 250gsm cover / 90gsm pages – English and French texts

– Portraits of the artists Lauren Marsolier, Eric Tabuchi, Alain Bublex and Taylor Holland
– Photo series from Simon Davidson (Burnouts), Clara Prioux (Cars of October), ShimoBros
Trible & Mancenido (Hurry up & wait), Amy Stein (Stranded) et Garage Lopez (Race Day and Zandvoort all american day)
– A report about stock cars racing in Luxembourg Sébastien Vécrin
– Fictions from Mikael Belmonte (Frederic),Lætitia Gorsy and Nathanielle Viaux (Week-end)
– Essay from Caroll Mann (Random reflexions on traffic jams) and Camille Ayme
– Domeau & Pérès interview
– The Free Car Project by Michael Oualid