Vanessa Lam

A nice zine from USA based designer Vanessa Lam. I let her explain the project in her own words.

Society for Scientific Inquiry of Paranormal Atmospheric and Cosmic Anomalies (SSIPACA) came about through researching the vast databases available on the internet regarding UFO sightings, abductions, and conspiracies. I found it intriguing that despite all this information we are still none the wiser in terms of where we stand in the universe. This zine is half objective scientific data, half tongue in cheek absurdities. I was inspired by scientific journals, a 1960s Carl Sagan book, and loony conspiracy theories. I decided to print the zine when a few people expressed interest in owning one, and was pleasantly surprised by the relative quickness and painlessness of the whole production procedure. Newsprint made sense as the format of choice as I wanted the zine to look worn, dirty and uneven — the book was first printed out on a laser printer, crumpled, xeroxed, scanned back into the computer then printed onto newsprint. Unpredictable irregularities and glitches I think add to the spirit of the notion of an unknown universe, and I was happy to embrace them

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© Vanessa lam

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