Lassnet Edition

Submitted by: Shruti  Chamaria

The Book as a stable and recognizable object of knowledge derives its authority from the stabilization of disciplines. And if the discipline happens to be law, this authority manifests itself in predictable hues of black and grey imbibing the object with a dusty gravitas. The “Siting Law”, the second Law and Social Sciences conference, a gathering of inter disciplinary scholars examining the law not merely as a set of positivist rules, but as a fertile site of enquiry into the social and cultural life of law, we were keen that this be reflected in the design of the book.
The conference was held at FLAME, a new college and India’s first liberal arts college committed to promoting inter disciplinarity. The unfinished architecture of the school evoked a sense of becoming rather appropriate for a field that has begun to ask the appropriate questions but had not yet found an answer.
The design captured the multidisciplinary and complexity of the conversations that the conference sought to facilitate. The use of geometric patterns, lack of a conventional cover, hand bound white pages interspersed with elegant and yet intriguing designs in green and red all gesture towards an unsettled zone emphasizing process over finality.