Salon Light #9

For the 9th edition of Salon Light, Cneai, hosted by Palais de Tokyo, will showcase meetings and dialogue with 53 independent publishers and bookstores, and three research and performance seminars on publishing practices. The players in the field of micropublishing are experimenting in all directions and playing with the usual boundaries between the art practices as well as the theoretical categories. Linked directly to the most innovative creation and broadcasting techniques, publishing practices open the field of art and its borders: humanities, graphic design, sound, poetry… A new generation of curators took the independent publisher as a role model in its capacity to dynamically adapt to the changes of the contemporary world, where the many parts of publishing (author, publisher, graphic designer, collector, photographer, curator, bookshop, reader) are alternatively played by the same players. A new «silk road» travelled by a growing number of actors thriving to break free from financial art and wishing to reinvent a complex and knowledgable art that would be naturally different from the luxury item. For Salon Light #9, Cneai transforms the usual book fair into a true exhibition space for the publishing practices.

curators : Sylvie Boulanger and Charlotte Cheetham

more informations:

October 19-21, 2012
from noon to midnight

Palais de Tokyo
13 avenue du président Wilson
75116 Paris