New Agapornis Magazine vol.IV

The latest edition of Agropornis Magazine is available now. In this 4th volume the magazine sets out to explore the relationship between the animal world and creativity, and comes with a multitude of interesting oerings. First and foremost an exclusive by aclaimed photographer William Wegman includes polaroids taken of his beloved dog Batty. The photographer, who made the Weimaraner dog a 20 th century icon, also granted us an interview in which he recounts his creative process and reveals where his passion for these beautiful animals comes from. Another exclusive to be found in this edition of Agapornis is a series of photographs taken by Andrew Knapp of his famous instagramer dog Momo. Momo has more than 580,000 followers on Istagram. Andrew and Momo travel the USA, captivating us and inviting us to nd Momo among amazing and diverse landscapes; through their adventures they transmit a cheerful and joyous message, much needed in this day and age.
But what might be one of the most eye catching features in volume 4 is the cover. Once again we wanted to present two alternatives, this time starring GUCCI’s dazzling Autumn / Winter collection. 2016/17. The garments project a unique lyricism centered on the animal kingdom, transporting us to a world of beauty and fantasy. The fashion editorial for this edition was produced by Catalan photographer, Silvia Conde, who currently resides in Berlin. As always the magazine aims to provide a platform for projects
working to improve the lives and welfare of animals. On this occasion we visit Maine, on the east coast of the United States, to nd out about an unusual duo made up of the United Animal Rescue League of Greater Portland, an animal charity that rescues abandoned dogs, and the luxurious Hotel-Spa: the Inn By The Sea. The hotel hosts some of the rescue dogs in the hope that their visitors might adopt them. Together they are giving many abandoned dogs a second chance and the success of the project is indisputable.
The content of this edition also includes an interview with acclaimed writer Philip Hoare, author of the bestseller “Leviathan or, The Whale”; and innite source of wisdom about whales and other marine creatures; photographs by Pia Riverola illustrating the day to day life of a dog walker; Alba Yruela’s mysterious and suggestive images; a very catlike comic by illustrator Aurélie Garnier, and the story of some kind people in Britain who provide lodgings for threatened and defenceless hedgehogs in their gardens.
In short, the publication one again seeks to reect not only the inuence of the animal world on creativity but on our lives in general. For what would become of us without the presence of these adorable and beautiful creatures? Let us be seduced by them through this new issue of Agapornis Magazine.