PA/PER VIEW at Wiels, Brussels.

A little over a week ago it was time for the 5th edition of the art book fair PA/PER VIEW in the impressive Wiels, Brussels. Wiels is one of Brussels leading contemporary art centers based inside an old beer brewery. Wiels’ bookshop made room for PA/PER VIEW and all the bookshops and publisher it had invited. The location had the advantage that casual visitors of the lunchroom or the art centre were stopping by and checking out the books, this in combination with the fixed visitors PA/PER VIEW has after all the years of steadily occurring. The constant passing by of visitors made the fair vibrant and busy.

PA/PER VIEW invited, besides Belgian publishers (of which one of my favorites is Gagarin), a lot of publisher based throughout whole Europe, from Mousse to Ghost and Onomatopee. This lead to a great, international and open environment, one that an art book fair always should have. PA/PER VIEW at Wiels shows once again how to organize an art book fair where in a good vibe a good diversity of nice and inspiring books are being offered.