The 2011 UDK Bookshop


A group of students from different departments at UdK Berlin initiated a temporary bookshop to be installed at the 2011 UdK summer show. After 2 successful years, all publications released at UdK Berlin as well as a large selection of student publications will again be made available at one spot.
The bookshop will be open from July 14th through July 17th, with events such as Siegfried Zielinski, the Quay Brothers and Hans Belting discussing interrelations between art, science and technology within the scope of their newest book release; Variantology V, a performance by the music and acting department, Arno Brandlhuber, Christian Schöning, Klaus Zahn and Günter Zamp Kelp discussing the present-day relevance of the future in architecture and closing on sunday with a reading by students of the department scenic writing.


Via: Manystuff