The future of architecture

“The future of” is the first participatory book project initiated by crap is good (thats us!) and tries to provide an insight into the future role of architecture. Every architectural attempt starts by making a representation of an imaginative situation or design, which will happen or could happen in the future.  In many cases an architectural design remains a future plan. In times of economical or political crisis, the question is what comes next. So, while architects shape the future, we are concerning about the future of architecture. In our opinion, there is no single answer to this question, and that is where our book project starts.

The future of architecture  consists of 2 parts. We have invited a selection of very interesting architectural offices, thinkers, historians and academics to answer to one simple but complex question “What is the future of architecture?” these various answers supply a professional angle to this question and will form the first chapter of the book.

The second chapter is still open and is up to you to complete. We have opened up the question “What is the future of architecture?” to the public and are trying to reach as many people possible to send in their answers. This chapter will provide a different angle to the same question, and completes the book.

The book is a fragmented map of thoughts of hundreds of people that study or deal, in general, with architecture. Putting together the pieces of this map, we might be able to view a glimpse of  the architectural future. To participate with this project please send in your answer trough the website!