The future of architecture Vol.2

After a very successful first edition of the participatory book ‘What is the future of architecture?’ we are very happy to present – ‘What is the future of architecture? Vol. 2’!

Volume 2 continues the same path as last years edition and aims to capture an image. Going through the answers, we can say there are some recurring assumptions, a red line weaving its way through the book. The book, consisting of 53 very different takes on the same question – ‘What is the future of architecture?’ – takes us from essays to short stories, through series of images and photography, practical approaches and active engagement to urban change, to science-fiction and poetry. While leafing through, often a blurry image would come to mind, an imaginative glimpse of the future.


Contributions by:

Senad Alibegović, Michaël Oliveira, Pedro Manuel Araújo, Özgür Atlagan, Onur Gokmen, Ethel Baraona Pohl, Florian Berner, Erik Bernhardsson, Solveig Suess, Tom Baxter, Cécile Bouffard, Benjamin Busch, Ludmilla Cerveny, Nick Chadde, Dominik Mederer, Matthew Clubbs Coldron, Collectif ETC, Donghyun Kim, Michael Fesca, Foxtrot Collective, Orlando Franco, Cristobal Gonzalez, Olaf Grawert, Patrick Grime, Jia Gu, Jason Hilgefort, Stijn Jonckheere, Eli Kerr, Stavros Koumoutsos, Herman Lee, M. Markaki, N.Bathla, Luciana Martinez, Maria Martins, AHAM, AJ Artemel, Lauren McQuistion, Francesco Mele, Photini Mermyga, Maxim Nasab, Pez Estudio, Katerina Kritou, Nikolaos Platsas, Polyanina, Greg Ponchak, Joanne Pouzenc, ReFunk, Alan Powell, S / C, Lorenzo Sandoval, George Sinclair, Michalis Softas, Jaime Solares, Something Fantastic, Spectacularch!, Ida Tam, Kia Tasbihgou, Tiago Torres-Campos, Bart van Haren, Sophia Vysoviti, Tsang Aron Wai Chun