The Zukunft Series

Submitted by: Lorenz Klingebiel

The poster series “The Zukunft Series” deals with the future. an asymmetric line-up of alltogether 11 students, young Graphic Designers, artists and international reclaimed Designers from Offenbach, Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Rom, Luzern, Novi Sad, London and Leeds were invited to design the future.

The connecting link between all the posters is the font “Zukunft” designed by Lorenz Klingebiel. The combination of the two opposed typefaces “Garamond” and “Grotesque” is supposed to be a contemporary re-interpretation of the typographic view on the future in the tradition of “Futura” (by Paul Renner; 1927) and “Avenir” (by Adrian Frutiger; 1988).

They can be purchased singulary (25 each; 6€) or in the “complete collection” (25x; packaged in a timeless mailing tube; 60€)

Meet all the 11 designers at read more!

The Designers of “The Zukunft Series“ (as on the image on top of this post, in order from left to right, starting with the top row):

Benjamin Franzki & Jan Münz
Studio 2+, Offenbach

Megi Zumstein & Claudio Barandun
Hi, Luzern

Fraser Muggeridge

Tom Pratt & Oliver Shaw
Catalogue, Leeds
Marie Schoppmann &
Katharina Schücke

Federico Proietti

Johannes C. Büttner
AEIOU, Berlin

Guillaume Grall
Playgground, Paris

Alexander Lis
Bali, Frankfurt

Filip Bojović
A3.Format Group, Novi Sad

Sebastian Pataki
The “Zukunft“ typeface & “the Zukunft Series“ are projects by:
Lorenz Klingebiel


Next Stop of the Zukunft Series:

The popdesignfestival in Cologne from the 20th until the 24th of June: