Agapornis Magazine presents Vol.III

Agapornis vol.3 is here. This is a very special issue, firstly because it celebrates the first anniversary of the magazine, and also because this edition counts on Russian Red’s collaboration. The singer speaks about her attachment to her female puppy, Chula -which sprung up as soon as they met- and explains how she influences her not only professionally, but also personally. Throughout the interview, the artist discloses her future plans and tells us about how she got used to Los Angeles.
Lourdes and Chula are portrayed on one of the covers of this third issue of Agapornis, their picture taken by David Gómez Maestre, photo- grapher based in Los Angeles, too. As a celebration, this issue offers another cover which portrays one of those stray cats that Valentina Vos has photographed in her series Scratching Posts. Two different cover stories with one common purpose: not leaving anyone indifferent.
With our determination to enquire into the link between a person and their pet, while trying to understand the influence of the animal kingdom in creativity, this third issue of Agapornis also offers an inter- view to Nunu Solsona. The designer from the shoe firm Deux Soliers explains her peculiar relationship with her dog Bruna and her kitty Nenah, and how the three of them are able to coexist in a friendly way in their live/work space. The young photographer from Barcelona Anne Roig is in charge of the visuals in this issue.
It’s not all about cats and dogs in Agapornis. Some exotic animals appear in this issue. As usual, the magazine opens with an article dedica- ted to an organization which works for animal welfare. The chosen one this time is La Madriguera, -The Burrow- an association in Madrid which takes care of the recuperation and posterior adoption of rabbits and Guinea pigs who have been abandoned.