Emilio Macchia

Emioio Macchia is a young Italian graphic designer who graduated at ISIA Urbino as Master in Graphic design, and is currently doing a research project at the Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. I met Emilio last year in Rotterdam and once in a while I check up on his on website and blog. Almost two years ago I posted some of his work on Parfois, he was already good back then, but even better now! Its nice to see his portfolio grow and his style evolve. His works are dominated by typography and is often supported by little graphic details. In his self initiated projects he finds more space for experiment, and researches the factors of readability and hierarchy. After read more, u’ll find a lot more of his projects. (and some naked ladies!) I din’t include a client list, for this you’ll just have to check his portfolio.