Sleeperhold new publication

Sleeperhold issue 4 is a paperback which functions as a collection of 14 short stories. The work of the artists shown in this publications functions as one continuous storyline, but every chapter can easily stand on it’s own. This publication will be presented on April the 14th, around 7PM, at the WIELS museum of contemporary art in Brussels, Belgium

Contributions by Beni Bischof, Jason Fulford, Dr Phillip Cribb, Pelican Avenue, Roma Publications, Karen Vermeren, Office Kersten Geers,David Van Severen, We Have Photoshop, Hiromi Nakajima, B.H. Friedman, Ferdinand Kriwet, Ward Heirwegh, Lieven Lahaye, Sara Deraedt, Aurélien Arbet / Jérémie Egry / Nicolas Poillot, J.G. Ballard, David Horvitz & Peter Sutherland.
A text functioning as an interlude was written by Serge Delbruyère and Dirk Van Bastelaere.

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