Escaping Velocity 1.4142

Elogio alla relativita’

Imagining the fluidity of space as a continuum of transforming energy which is choreographed by gravity and remains unconstrained like a pure entity, seen by everyone at the same time in all its possible forms, shapes and sensory impulses.

Like the sound

of wet electricity cables

the taste of love

the smell of the sun.

Edited with stolen pictures from Max, Eloise and Alex, the same person really, who doesn’t exist.

This photo essay is a poetic reflection on love and spacetime. By using photographs taken from different locations in space and time I created a new photograph, representing a physical and digital trail of the places where I have been a tourist, a lover, a photographer, in transit or just existed in a fragmented illusion.

Memories, smells and vibrant emotions belong to these spaces, there is no genetic privacy in space, just like there is no space without a time.

There are the possibilities of different dimensions and velocities at which Earth could escape the centre of gravity, that she shares with the solar system, and venture. In this universe, like the opposite of two black holes kissing, causing spacetime itself to collide, the universes unite and reemerge within a multiverse; where the idea of time may just be the creation of new atoms in the fabric of spacetime itself.
Escaping velocity 1.4142 is what Earth needs to reach, to be able to bend and redirect the path that the fabric of spacetime is guiding her into following on repeat.
Like the air and water reshapes when your body moves in space, and a millisecond mold is formed. In this multiverse there is no linear time and memory is present. You can smell the sound of electrical waves and taste the atoms of the love of your life.