Fluor and the Biennale EXD’11

Flúor was invited to participate in the 6th Edition of the Biennale EXD’11, wich happens in Lisbon since 1999. This year the events main concept is  “unuseful”. In this edition, that will happen between September 28 and 27 November 2011, the idea of useful or useless will be studied and questioned from different perspectives.
Flúor will participate in the initiative through the tangential projects – independent projects that for their relevance, innovation and conceptual logic represent and highlight the vitality of the Portuguese creative community.
To respond to the invitation, beyond being present throughout two months of EXD’11 in Antigo Tribunal da Boa Hora, Lisbon,  one of  the several places where the event takes place, Flúor has developed a publication reflecting on what is useful and unuseful in design, leaving  to the reader its definition. The opening of Flúor’s Tangential Project will take place on September 28, at 22:30 in the Antigo Tribunal da Boa Hora. (more images after..)