HelpDeluxe 13.0

Created by Darius Ou from Singapore, Adobo HelpDeluxe 13.0 is a satirical take on Graphic Design programs’ troubleshooting. This parody guidebook/zine is inspired by 90s aesthetics , a time period of the parodied company’s starting years. Adobo is a fictional company created to explore the possibilities of the parodied company in a different dimension , with the cheesy/tacky aesthetic style of the glorious 90s. It offers a refreshing take on the subject of digital piracy, troubleshooting , advertising, and self-help. The awkwardly positioned graphic elements as well as uncomfortable typography reflects on the ineffectiveness of most programs’ user manuals.

Contains real solutions as well as tongue-in-cheek advices. Includes fictitious advertisements and organisations. No infringements of any rights intended, created for non-profit / entertainment purposes only.

  • 140 mm x 205 mm
  • 24 pages , Staple-bound
  • Photocopy paper 60gsm
  • Inkjet Printer