Spur Pop-Up

Submitted by: T Y Zheng

Branding and collaterals done for the Spur Pop-Up Store in Singapore.
Spur is a pop-up shop nestled on Eng Hoon Street, with design products from independent designers from all over the world, curated by Indri Tulasan. Featuring a large cross-section of design inspirations from experimental art pieces, design products and artisan homemade goods.
Beginning with synergizing Tiong Bahru with the name, “Spur”, the project took shape as we surveyed the little nooks and crannies in this modern theatre of old meets new.
The area told a story. Some beginning, some at its twilight, each story organic in its own way and time. The idea to use handwritten type from each designer probably spun off from the original nature of these stories.
Modern typeface co-existing with handwritten type tied in the concept of Spur, which is about sudden inspiration. A travel map of Tiong Bahru was also created to celebrate the ideas and inspiration of both old and new, now contained within the art-deco inspired district.