It’s a book, its a stage it’s a public space

Ok, this one I took straight from the spector books website.

During last year’s Leipzig Book Fair, Spector Books organized a first meeting of independent publishers at the Centraltheater. The event combined trade fair and workshop: visitors could receive information about the programs of the 16 invited publishing projects or listen to talks given on the grand theatre stairs. »It’s a Book, It’s a Stage,It’s a Public Place« was greeted with lively resonance by guests and publishers alike.

That’s why this year, Spector Books would also like to invite more than 20 »Micro-éditeurs« from all over Europe during the book fair to present themselves and their programs on March 19th 2011 from 12.00 to 08.00 p.m. in the foyer of the Centraltheater in Leipzig. We are interested in an exchange on multiple levels: transfer of goods and thought, networking opportunities and debate should come together on the book fair’s Saturday at the theatre. The talks and presentations given on the theatre stairs will be dedicated to the conception and design of book series: participants include, among others, graphic designer Zak Kyes about »Architecture Words«, the AA School of London’s book series, and editor Jan Frederik Bandel about the history of the Fundus series.

A detailled programe with all the participants and speakers you can find on their website. I’ll be there, so will do a small report for those of you who can’t make it.