Les UX


Paris… The city of 1789, 1848 and 1968; ‘courtesan’s, Salons and cafés where the myth of Bohemian artist emerged. On the streets of this magical city, the characters of Baudelaire − the flaneur, the  dandy, the whore − walked around/trembled as the symbols of modern city dwellers.


Some days ago I read an article about Urban eXperiment, in e-skop, an online magazine from Turkey. In 1981, anonym characters of the collective stole the maps of underground passage ways of Paris by sneaking into the Ministry of Telecommunications in an unexpectedly easy way. Splitted into teams under the names of the Mouse House, Untergunther or La Mexicane de Perforation, the collective run hidden, underground movie theaters, break into the famous monument Panthéon and repair the antique clock inside.“It is not at all hard to steal a Picasso” says Lazar Kunstmann from the collective in an article of Wired Magazine. That reminds Ulay stealing a famous painting from Neue Nationalgalery. That was in 1976 when cameras were not chasing us. One cannot stop asking, now, in the era of third eyes, how would it be possible to steal a Picasso?


Yes, indeed, it is possible. Someone stole 10 paintings of legendary artists in 2010 from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. After that shocking operation, Les UX a.k.a Urban eXperiment, studied the problems of security of the museum and let them know the probable ways of a possible theft by putting the analysis paper on the desk of security director.


What would be their next act?