Reflections on greek postwar architecture

The choice of eighteen architects and architectural studios – the central focus of the present study – has been made, in most cases, with two basic criteria in mind. The first is the unique signature that they have added to Greek postwar architecture, their participation in the dominant trends of the period and their subsequent divergence – or not – from those trends. The second is (in some cases) the limited promotion of their work in the Greek architectural history. The book is divided into broad yet interlinking circular fields in which architects and studios, linked to one another by common threads, are included. This approach leads to an initial examination of the whole of an architect’s or studio’s work (Second part), in order to attempt a “holistic” interpretation of periods, based on the aforementioned circular fields (First Part).

Written by Panayotis Tsakopoulos.
Designed by Natassa Pappa