Scramble for the Past by FAI

Future Anectodes, is a graphic design studio, originally founded in London by Aslı Altay and Mary Ikoniadou. Since 2011, Aslı Altay has been running the studio, Future Anectodes Istanbul on one of the uphills of Beyoğlu-İstanbul by herself. Altay’s book project, also named as Future Anectodes, is in the Artist’s Book Collection of Tate Modern. Every saturday, under the name of Apendiks, the studio exhibits publications from the world including editions of (artist) books by Susan Hiller, Dora Garcia, Clunie Reid, Paul Buck, Mark Titchner, Liam Gillick ve Mike Nelson and more.


From their selection of projects, a new book about the history of archaeology of Ottoman Empire got my attention. Scramble for the Past: A Story of Archaeology in the Ottoman Empire, 1753-1914, edited by Zainab Bahrani, Zeynep Çelik and Edhem Eldem holds an importance because being a significant research as well as a beautiful object.