Mr Spoqui

Submitted by : Amanda Baeza

Mr Spoqui is a zine created by four siblings (Amanda Baeza, 21, a design student; Milena Baeza, 19, a sound explorer; Blanca Baeza, 16, a classic and contemporary dancer; and last but not least, Tiago Baeza, 13, musician).

The publication started in January 2009, and the origin of the name is still a mystery. The goal was (and is) to keep memories of our adventures, and to share them with our readers. Mr Spoqui is a plataform for developing personal knowledges and interests. It is also a place to make questions (both formal and conceptual) that are not able to take place at school. Mr Spoqui is published monthly (sometimes bi-monthly), and each edition explores a different topic (like, “myth”, “face”, “memory”, “house”, etc). The production is handcrafted, with a lot of love, creativity and non-comercial purposes. Just for the delight of sharing memories and talents around the world. The most exciting part about this sharing process, is the growing connection between the collaborators. The connections between people.

This zine is like a very very slow work in progress. For us (Spoquitos), the germination and the development of an idea, the effort of keeping it alive an help it grow, is the biggest challenge.