Nouvelle Noire

Submitted by: Anton Studer

Nouvelle Noire is a type design and development studio based in Zurich, Switzerland. It is a platform for presentation and distribution of typefaces, with a design emphasis on modern techniques and technical options. With that in mind, typefaces are developed with the consciousness of type history in unison with a forward thinking vision for contemporary type design. The main focus of Nouvelle Noire is directed on text typefaces but Nouvelle Noire is also open minded to experimentation and on experimental typefaces.
Nouvelle Noire starts with a small range of three typefaces which will be completed in the near future by more text and experimental typefaces.
Rekja is a discreet antique typeface, made to work well for text applications and the readers eye.
Ernesto is a geometrical grotesque which is only available in uppercase letters and is ideal for titling. Included in Ernesto are three form variants of some letters, diagonal, round, and square. Medien is a humanist sans-serif typeface that focuses on readability specially for low resolution media. It is made for contemporary publishing on printed matter and on web-based applications. Nouvelle Noire offers a custom type design service for customers who are looking for new typographical or technical solutions for their identities, brands or products.