Da Impressão ao Livro de Artista

Submitted by: Márcia  Novais

Márcia  Novais was asked to do the poster and the publication for the Printmaking meeting. I collaborated with Carlos Azeredo Mesquita and Diogo Tudela for the etching both in the posters and dust cover.

About the process of the etching “The construction of the image began in the deepest ends of digital media, being a result of an application conceived to generate pictures according to some general guidelines, to an abstract idea of what the composition should look like in the end. That application was responsible for creating 20 different graphic solutions that were printed, and from which 4 were selected to be used in the final version of the posters. After that selection, the chosen images were reconverted to code and plotted into varnish covered plates with a stylus. Like in traditional etching, the stylus doesn’t scratch the metal, only the varnish that covers it. The image gets engraved in the plate through acidulation, as the acid only attacks the exposed areas of the plate.”
The text was put in the poster in a way that didn’t interfere with the etching, mainly because of its nature and the difficulty of printing over it.
The book was printed in one color (black) and it is an A5 format. It was really important to maintain the relation between both the poster and the publication.