Pantograph Specimen- Dries Wiewauters

A nice project of Dries Wiewauters. I don’t have to much time today so I’ll give you what he wrote about it.

This specimen is part of a series of 3 posters that show the transformations and distortions possible with the Pantograph — an instrument to duplicate drawings to an adjustable scale. This invention ofChristophori Scheiner (°1573 ‐ †1650) consists of 4 rods connected through 4 pivot points.

These deformations are made by Lu Liang and Dries Wiewauters using a Pantograph constructed by the latter, out of 4 strips of 1 meter aluminium. Each rod of this Pantograph has 7 possiblities. This makes for 49 possible combinations of which the center one is a proportional copy — at a scale of 200% — of the original triangle.