Romka Magazine #9

The new Romka Magazine is here!

Romka is a collective photo album in which people from all over the world share the stories behind their most valued photographs.

The magazine explores the interplay of photography and personal memory by showcasing how both life-changing events as well as small anecdotes are recorded. It is a platform for images that we easily overlook. Both renowned photographers and amateur hobbyists contribute to Romka. In this issue, editor Joscha Bruckert arranged all contributions in pairs, making connections between seemingly unrelated stories. In this context, even the most mundane memories seem to reveal universal truths about life and the things that we wish to remember. Romka 9 features photos and stories by 38 artists from Dubai to Denver, from Saint Petersburg to Santa Monica. It was designed by Lysanne Bellemare and Benedikt Bock and produced locally in Leipzig, Germany.


Participating artists:
Andi Schmied, Andi Schreiber, Andy Kassier, Brendan George Ko, Catarina Pinto, Clay Alvey, Coey Kerr, Corinna Triantafyllidis, Davy de Lepper, Erik van der Weijde, Gioia de Bruijn, Giorgi Nebieridze, Gritli Faulhaber, Hannes Rohrer, Ina & Stella Jungmann, Istabraq Al Naiar, Jaden Dunbar, James King, Jan Philip Welchering, Jana Slaby, Jessica Bowser, John Steck Jr., Julia Borissova, Julia Wolf, Kelly Burgess, Klara Lindner, Laura Glabman, Lena Rosa Händle, Lorena Figueiredo, Macha Bechterew, Nico Wöhrle, Rachel Stern, Sebastian Collett, Thomas Le Bas, Walther Le Kon, Windrose Stanback, Winne Lievens, and Yann Tostain.


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