The Tyndall Table

Submitted by: Thom Fougere

The Tyndall Table by Canadian designer Thom Fougere will be debuting at IDS12 in Toronto next week from January 26-29.

The coffee table is the nucleus of a living space; the central object around which dwelling patterns revolve: living, drinking, eating, loving, making, sleeping. Taking cues from the topography of Canadian prairies, the top is planed relatively smooth allowing the stone to retain its unique character. Left unfinished, substances and casual wear will slowly degrade the stone top, exposing fossil fragments and revealing layers of stories embedded within the material. Over time the accumulation of puddled water marks, a splash of wine and scribbles of past dreams will meld into the material’s already varied past – creating a nostalgic condition.

Tyndall stone is commonplace amongst the Canadian prairies, and is an historic building material embodying a certain vernacular of prairie architecture and building practices. The 3.8cm thick stone top weighs 150lbs, (127 X 56) and appears to float upon its thin supporting steel structure.