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  • 11 – Eleven by Jasmine Deporta

    The new book by Jasmine Deporta ’11 – Eleven‘ so the title, is a introspective documentation of a journey called life and the result of a personal reflection on desires, fears and most of all identity. It is a collection of mostly unpublished photos from different series of the last 6 years,...
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  • Giuseppe Palmisano – iosonopipo

    Giuseppe Palmisano is an italian photographer with a history of theatre and clowning. Currently interested in  a new photographic exploration based on woman as the highest expression of Nature. The role of the woman is always pivotal and Guieppe’s purpose is to deprive the naked body of its intrinsic eroticism. A difficult...
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  • murdered transgender people 2017 2018

    325 killings of trans and gender-diverse people reported between 1 October 2016 and 30 September 2017. The majority of the murders occurred in Brazil — 171, Mexico — 56, and the United States — 25, adding up to a total of 2,609 reported cases in 71 countries worldwide between 1...
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  • dope russian web-zines and web-books

    Dope and brutalist websites as a new medium for selfpublished books and zines by already dead selfpublishing, which contains Alexander Cherepanov and Alexandra Lunkina from Moscow, Russia. All websites are selfcoded and all domain names brought on a sale by $0.69 (use W to go forward through my...
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  • Public Waiters

    As food delivery services like Deliveroo and Foodora grows, spontaneous meeting points are being formed in cities: places where the deliverers come together to wait for new orders.These self-chosen central spots could be considered a physical manifestation of the gig economy. What’s more important, however, is how they represent an...
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  • GUT Magazine “The Food Issue”

    GUT Magazine, founded by Ami Evelyn Hughes and Georgia Kemball, as a space to celebrate the instinctual, clumsy and raw, launches its third issue on Halloween night at Sang Bleu, London. Designed by Samuel Boxer and published by Ditto, the issue features work from Ami Evelyn Hughes, Ben Freeman, Dexter...
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  • Jetzt Wird Kassiert

    JETZT WIRD KASSIERT is a long overdue unauthorized biography about one of the most influential and great personalities in German Punk Music. Wolfgang Wendland’s life is displayed inaccurate with many gaps, some lies and even more untruths. Catherine Hazotte is a journalist, copywriter and concepter. She currently takes her doctoral...
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  • A Way to Disconnect and Connect by Cristian Ordóñez

    A Way to Disconnect and Connect, is a photographic book by Cristian Ordóñez. Published by Ediciones Daga. A body of work created from the last 8 years, with several locations and people from Chile, Canada and United States, all shot in film. Text by Laura Stein Graphic design by Sebastián...
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  • New comic by Joseph Kelly – PayWall

    A small city near the coast in the North of England finds itself in a global race for survival as ocean levels rise around it. Ruthless self-interest has become a necessity in a world of finite resources and distressing international events. Local populations justify their existence through collaboration with multinational...
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  • Jökull, Upala and Salt: Limited Edition Photobook by Maegan Brown

    Showcasing the entire range of artwork from the Jökull, Upala and Salt photo series, this publication doubles as a catalogue and coffee table book. Maegan Brown is an Australian based artist. From Icelandic volcanoes to the Australian desert, this young explorer seeks to understand the world anew through adventurous photography...
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  • Does 7 have a special meaning?

    Maybe you never noticed but the number seven is present in a lot of things in human life, since always. These pages show a bunch of examples, coincidences, fun facts or maybe just bullshit, we don’t really know if it has a real meaning, but at least it is curious,...
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  • Sand Dunes and Black Balloons

    Sand Dunes and Black Balloons is a personal series by Australian based artist, Maegan Brown. The series explores the relationship between people, the man-made and our natural environment. The bleak landscape and vast sand dunes inspire a comparison to a desert terrain, whilst evoking a feeling of mystery, intimacy and...
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  • OH OKAY FUN – Alexander Coggin

    OH OKAY FUN presents odd moments. Trivial situations are pictured in a highly bizarre or coincidental way while the portraits seem to have a strange view on scenes that are slightly out of control. Alexander Coggin is a photographer. He studied Theatre at Emerson College in Boston and has an...
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  • Jasmine Deporta + Slowdown Studio

    Jasmine Deporta is back with a new series. This time for a new blanket collection commissioned by Slowdown Studio. The blankets are each designed by a different artist. Jasmine Deporta matches the colours of the fabric with the background and creates a soothing low contrast atmosphere.

  • New Doméstico #3

    Doméstico is a — as frequent as possible — publication about experiences of creative people from different backgrounds. This number features articles by Zhenya Posternak, Camilo Palma, Graham Hiemstra, Ricardo Villavicencio, Johanna Lundberg & Nate Van Der Ende, Elisa Routa and Aaron Wynia.

  • Cory Harrison Smith

    The work of Philadelphia based photographer Cory Harrison Smith. His images, even though all very different in subject are quite coherent in style. Somehow they feel somewhere between 80’s snapshot documentary and contemporary photography. Difficult to describe but u catch my drift 🙂 Have a look on his portfolio as well for some...
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  • Poster Series

    This series made exclusively for Another Fine Mess by Bruno Rodrigues represents some personal visual expressions and experimentations around typography, shapes and feelings. Archival Pigment Print 39.4 × 27.6 in (100 × 70 cm).


    From time to time clients ask us where we get the images we use in our mock-ups. To be honest, they are just randomly snatched of the internet, and most often don’t have any clear licence or author. So last week we decided to start collecting images which our clients could use...
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  • Atto Typeface

    Atto is a sans-serif typeface which was designed to be approachable, yet serious. It is intended for use in a multiplicity of functions ranging from body-copy to display. It is available in Light, Regular, Medium, Bold & Heavy (as well as obliques in all of the aforementioned weights). All weights...
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  • New Agapornis Magazine vol.IV

    The latest edition of Agropornis Magazine is available now. In this 4th volume the magazine sets out to explore the relationship between the animal world and creativity, and comes with a multitude of interesting oerings. First and foremost an exclusive by aclaimed photographer William Wegman includes polaroids taken of his beloved dog Batty....
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  • Memories of the Cave

    Memories of the Cave  puts the portrayal of cave paintings into a new context. They are simplified trough experimental drawings and presented as playful and light. Célestin Krier is an illustrator and graphic designer. He has studied at the Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon. In his works, he combines archaic illustrations...
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  • Hot Stuff by Valentina Karga

    Bringing fire back into the public realm, Berlin-based artist and architect Valentina Karga introduces HOT STUFF in the university city of Witten, Germany. Composed of two rocket stoves and a mass heater, the installation is the first of its kind to be built in a shared open space, offering...
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