Submitted by: Alberto Gorgojo

Cactus design aims to change the concept of pot that tends to be. Normally grown outside the home, and in case you are inside, they were hiding in a corner and / or painted any color to hide the nature of clay. However Cactus intends to be the star of a space. It can be placed both indoors and outdoors, and is destined to the collection, care and admiration of the cactus.
Their cylinders out of the pot as if they had grown from the earth, and of these cacti are born. One of them has the function of lamp with a light with the same type or form which could have one of these plants. Moreover, to give added value to the pot rests on a pedestal. This aesthetic is often used in Japanese culture of bonsai, and refers to his care by their owner, and greater worship by the viewer. It has been carefully balanced colors, matching base and lamp, pot with soil, and white cylinders together. Designed by Alberto Gorgojo and made by master craftsman Angel Peño, specialist in modeling clay and pottery. We used different techniques since the classic around to the creation of molds.