Collection — issue 3

Collection is a magazine that presents drawing in many forms, from contemporary art to graphic novels to graphic design. All artists themselves, the Collection team proposes neither a journalistic viewpoint nor a critic’s vision, but instead aspires to defend drawing, with no barriers between genres, by letting the actors themselves speak.

Issue 3:
interviews with

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— Delphine Duprat,
— Flag / Aubry—Broquard,
— Lætitia Gendre,
— Thomas Mailaender & Dominique Thêate,
— Benjamin Marra

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— Moolinex,
— Lord Jon Ray,
— Shoboshobo,
— David Shrigley,
— Fabio Viscogliosi


Even more so than in the other opuses, drawing is indubitably the starting point of our conversations with the artists but is not the only reason why we engage in interviews with them. We also want to learn about about their background, the significant anecdotes of their biography, their personal vision of art and the way they relate to people : matters that are crucial to our understanding of how they define themselves as artists.

We’ll talk about shooting ranges, defenestration, drunk-purchasing of works of art, wrestling champion Hulk Hogan, the best way to have a near-death experience, why one decides not to make a movie, crafts, paladins, Millenial Killer and raging bikers.

Bilingual French & English
16,5 × 23 cm | 256 pages | 596g | 20 €