Études Studio

Études studio is the joining together of the clothing brand Hixsept and JSBJ publishers founded in 2007 by Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry.

Considered as independent but not unrelated, these two units evolved side by side, embracing the same creative vision. Based on the same values, they ended up growing closer and closer together.

The desire to see them share a common identity arose quite quickly. The implication of new members (Antoine Belekian, Marc Bothorel, José Lamali and Nicolas Poillot) who brought both support and new perspectives to the two projects only made this desire stronger.

This coming together seemed so obvious, and 2012 brought the perfect conditions to put it into place.

The name Études refers to both creative process and to improvement, it reflects the idea of constant development. It also illustrates a modus operandi, which is collective and where each member shares the ambition of offering a unique and innovating approach. Always intent on fitting their current projects in a perspective of continuity, the designers extend their vision through different artistic mediums.

Based in Paris and New York, Études studio creates and produces collections of clothing, art books and offers art direction services.

Inspired by the way these designers experience the world around them, the Études collections are meant to be spare and simple yet also a celebration of a certain form of impulsive energy. Releasing books that focus on photography, Études Books is dedicated to defending sincere projects and does so by collaborating closely with the artists. Finally, Études Studio offers its know-how through art direction.

The combination of the multiple activities of its members is at the heart of the Études project. With each and every project that it creates, the collective maintains the same standards and demands integrity and uniqueness.