Expanded Map

Expanded Map is a new publication discussing the two-part show Expanded Map at RM Gallery, with a conversation between its curators James Wylie and Ruth Watson. The show(s) explored the transforming role(s) of mapping in contemporary society, and the currency of cartography today; including work by Phil Dadson, Amelia Harris, Yolunda Hickman, Tom Hinton, Paul Janman and Scott Hamilton, Jeremy Leatinu’u, Clare Noonan, Lize Mogel, Gigi Scaria, Balamohan Shingade, Bob van der Wal, Ruth Watson and James Wylie (16 May – 1 June / 9 August – 24 August 2013). The publication is a mic of Risograph and offset printing, 44 pages and limited to 200 copies.

Texts by Ruth Watson & James Wylie, edited by Eu Jin Chua

Designed by Amy Yalland, Index ISBN 978-0-473-26115-3

To purchase a copy contact: amy@index.org.nz or books@parsons.co.nz