Filippo Minelli

The first exhibition at the new location of the ROJO©artspace Milano by Kalpany is a solo-show by Filippo Minelli. He presents a homage to Italy loaded with his distinctive sharp sarcasm, in occasion of the 150th anniversary of the country’s unification.

The artist undertakes a voyage, key-figure of Minelli’s creativity, inside the “Bel Paese”. He reveals cliches, icons and stereotypes. His gaze is attracted by contamination, not only of different languages, but also of diverse cultures which we find melting and clashing in our contemporary everyday.

An outstanding opening party will celebrate the 4th year of partnership between ROJO© and Kalpany and inaugurate the new location of the ROJO©artspace Milano at Frigoriferi Milanesi.

And for those who forgot, we featured his work some weeks ago, right here!